About Al-thaher Co.

The company founded in 2.2.2002 by Eng. Nidal Al-Thaher

AL-Thaher Company for Agricultural Services is ISO 9001: 2015 certified is specialized in Public Health , Fumigation in Jordan.

The company is providing the following services:


Pesticides of public health

Provide all necessary public health pesticides for pest, rodent and insect control ant baits stations


The company specializes in fumigation against; Stores insects in all forms and for all types of work from the smoking industry to the storage of food and non-food such as wood industries, textiles and museums where the company provides Fumigant and special measuring devices

Agricultural pesticides​

Providing all necessary requirements of fertilizers, seeds, agricultural pesticides, fungicides and agricultural equipment

General safety equipment

Providing required machinery, equipment and general safety materials

After sales services

Training courses

Educating by training courses, or seminars about IPM program.

Integrated control program

Contribute to drawing an integrated control program against all types of insects and rodents, including the site and its peculiarities, adopting the IPM system.


Al Thaher Co. For Agricultural Services is a leading and sustainable company in the fields of (agricultural services (both animal and Plant), public health and Fumigation of pest stores) locally, regionally and internationally.

This vision is at the heart of our commitment and partnership with suppliers by providing the best products and services with highly skilled technical expertise and high quality at competitive prices and multiple alternatives to reach the comfort of our client and work to train and educate the client and the local community.

Al Thaher Co. welcomes all new challenges and opportunities with pleasure.

“Excellence In Everything . . . “